Battle of the machines

How do you increase the popularity of a tractor mower? You let it rage against “The Machine” – Tim Wiese.

And because no story is complete without a conflict it is all beefed up online by one of the most famous German influencers: JP Performance tunes the lawnmower – Wiese starts teasing them and kicks up a shit storm.

Whereupon McCulloch offers the opponent a chance to level up: Muscles versus Motors. And the charity event is born.

But beforehand both sides prepare for battle – to the delight of their fans via videos on Facebook.

On social media alone this generated an organic reach of over 20 million contacts and many thousands of comments. The reach per earned media even hits the 100 million mark.

Always in the picture: McCulloch equipment.

The final after the final: front page of the German daily BILD – throughout Germany.

Our campaign won the Digital Communication Awards 2017 for:

  • Best Influencer Communication
  • Best Product Campaign


Client: McCulloch