Content Marketing for GARDENA

10. March 2018

Got a garden? If so, we have an interesting web series for you.

We have designed a content offensive for market leader GARDENA. In the competition „ALLES IM GRÜNEN“ (Everything in the Green Zone) eight garden owners have the chance to win a visit from gardening pro Peter Rasch and become part of an 8-episode web series themselves.
Peter Rasch is already well-known to gardening fans in Northern Germany as he appears there regularly on local television on the popular NDR show “Gartentipp”. Last year his book entitled “Rasch durch den Garten” (Rasching through the Garden) was published. The follow-up volume is now planned for late summer.

Customer Benefits in Focus
In the eight episodes that are now to appear by autumn the focus will be less on GARDENA equipment and more on the gardens, and more precisely the gardening problems, of the participants, explains Jasmin Carr, Regional Marketing Manager at GARDENA Division: “We want to offer gardening fans an additional benefit and thereby pitch ourselves more strongly as theme experts. Furthermore, it is important for us to create a strong moving image format that is relevant on YouTube long term.”

To be able to leverage ALLES IM GRÜNEN across all media we are producing every episode in two versions: one in full length in 16:9 for Youtube and the GARDENA website and one as a short video in 1:1 for Facebook. Additional contacts with heavy-duty gardeners are targeted by the campaign via a cooperation with Featured here is not only an invitation to enter the competition but also an overview of all episodes. To supplement this we are cooperating with gardening groups on Facebook for GARDENA.


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