fina & liv: The special boutique for women

1. October 2019

A new concept store has opened in Munich. One that provides power.

Nowadays, every company is seeking purpose - the why, the added value for society. Merely selling products is no longer enough.

At fina & liv, they would not use the word “purpose”, although this is exactly what they offer: They help women to feel strong, beautiful and feminine again after having survived challenging life situations. That's why they reinvented the medical store.


Fina & Liv Fina & Liv


In a concept store in Munich-Bogenhausen, experts provide consultation on breast prostheses, compression stockings and wigs in a positive environment. The store is reminiscent of a fashion boutique: with a clear design, friendly colours, and modern product presentation.

Seldom before has a store recommendation been more important. We are delighted to be able to help with PR.


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