Now online: FOOD ROUTE

6. January 2017

What’s a good contemporary way to communicate with chefs and buyers at restaurants, canteens and hotels? We have developed a model for UBENA that shows how the brand can offer the best possible service at a digital level.

Food Route is a B2B blog with information on the latest trends in the industry. The digital offers are further enhanced by two channels – one on Facebook and another on YouTube.

Food Route users can look forward to 3 exciting sections. As well as the latest Food Trends that can be implemented quickly and easily with UBENA products, some fascinating glimpses are provided in the form of professional food videos, showing step by step how to realise the latest trend among foodies. The Food Scouts section puts the focus on exciting catering models, with the most popular global hotspots presented exclusively by food and lifestyle bloggers.

In the first month everything on the Food Route revolves around topping. The Food Trends section shows how social media – especially Instagram – have sharpened our aesthetic awareness and how toppings can help us serve dishes that are also visually appealing. In the recipe video a professional chef shows how it only takes a few hand movements to create a delicious salad, using roasted sweet potatoes and caramelised walnuts. The Food Scout is Ayushi Gupta from the London blog The Foodie Diaries. She explains why Savage Salads is the hippest salad bar in London.


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