Joy about winning the PR double

28. April 2020

Can you believe it: After winning the PR REPORT AWARD, we have now also been distinguished with the “German PR PRIZE”. All information on our two-time win.

The grand evening gala, which was set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the German PR Prize, was unfortunately cancelled in light of the current situation. Instead, the winners were announced by video. With Fressnapf, we prevailed over four other finalists, and it surely comes as no surprise that this led to joyous outbreaks in the respective remote offices of all those involved. With the honour of winning the award once again, we have succeeded in doing something that is by no means an everyday achievement: winning the PR double in the category of Influencer Relations.

An idea that wins over hearts

Retrospect: For Mother’s Day 2019, the Fressnapf Group succeeded at making 30 influencers very happy with a truly special surprise: Each influencer received a bouquet of flowers and an individualised, hand-written letter. It was signed by those whom the influencers take such wonderful, loving care of every day, but who normally don't put their feelings into words: the influencers’ dogs and cats. To achieve this, we had been studying the influencers’ channels closely over months, and used these insights to compose the love letters from the cats and dogs to their respective owners.

Petfluencers are a fixed element of Fressnapf’s communication campaign

#frauchentag represented the prelude to a long-term Fressnapf strategy that is essentially characterised by telling stories on a regular basis. Here, for instance, petfluencers were turned into so-called “tough dogs”. Fressnapf is the sponsor of a TV show by the same name. In this show, Ralf Seeger and his tattooed companions renovate animal shelters. At the beginning of the new season, early in 2020, selected petfluencers also visited animal shelters to supply them with Fressnapf products and to report on their experiences. With the purpose of building a bridge to the show, an airbrush artist travelled throughout Germany and “tattooed” the petfluencers - even if only for the day of the actual campaign. Needless to say, the community was thrilled, both by the deceptively real tattoos and the campaign as such

Cooperation also in times of Corona

Sometimes petfluencers can even help when we cannot use the usual routes.

Since the corona crisis has made it impossible for us to produce classic film productions with large teams and elaborate shooting locations, we developed a story for Fressnapf at short notice that is perfectly suited to the petfluencers. They filmed the individual scenes according to specifications at home, resulting in a social media clip that the petfluencers distributed in turn. And the message: Your best friends are always there for you. Even now. See the comments underneath the video: Fressnapf struck the right note here, too.



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