Rough Studios brings Interiors and Womenswear to Germany

9. February 2016

A blend of clothing and accessories – this is what Rough Studios stands for. Founded by Iris van der Ent in Rotterdam in 2013 the Dutch brand with its striking Ikat cushions initially focused firmly on the luxury interior segment.In the meantime the product range has been extended to include 12 premium womenswear styles. Providing the key inspiration for the women’s collection were Arabian “keffiyeh” given a new twist as dresses, blouses or trousers in tune with the brand’s DNA. To tie in with the extension of its range Rough Studios is further extending its distribution network. As from the 2016/17 Autumn/Winter season the interior and womenswear collections will also be available in Germany, distributed by the Düsseldorf agency Schilling. KARKALIS COMMUNICATIONS was enlisted for media PR.

The Rough Studios concept label kicked off with luxury, double silk and velvet Ikat cushions decorated with a hand-sewn hem. Founded by Iris van der Ent the Rotterdam brand began its march to victory in 2013, initially in the luxury interior segment. The centrepiece at Rough Studios – Ikat cushions – are hand-made by extremely talented craftsmen in Central Asia using the “Suzani technique”. This is a deep-rooted and traditional silk thread embroidery technique on lengths of cloth. The term “Suzani” comes from the Persian word “suzan” and means “needle” referring to the specific embroidery tools used to work the precious silk. In Central Asia every female family member traditionally embroiders a separate length of cloth that is then joined with the embroidery of the other lengths into a large whole. This preciously embroidered cotton fabric is then presented to the bridegroom on the wedding day as part of the dowry. This elaborate handicraft tradition is reflected in each individual cushion at Rough Studios.

On the German market Rough Studios envisages 50 premium stores in the luxury segment. The Rotterdam label is supported by Düsseldorf’s Agentur Schilling that took over German distribution from January 2016. The latest big coup – incidentally in the UK – is the stocking of the collection at London’s luxury store Harrod’s. The collection retails between Euro 150 and 290.


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