15. August 2016

When we presented our content idea to Oliver Wurm, the man behind the special-issue football magazine “72 80 96 16”, he found it so crazy he immediately agreed. Our plan: to create an all-rounder out of all German players.

As a story for his magazine. As content for earned and shared media.

Only professionals came into question to implement the idea. Dr. Lisa DeBruine from the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow is in charge of the university’s “Facelab”. Here she researches how people perceive faces and measures this for scientific purposes. Exclusively for us she does what she does best – but this time with national players. In every face 189 measurement points were marked and a new player was created using average values ascertained from this – a player uniting all footballers in one. One for all – all in one. Just in time for the European Cup. Bring it on, France.


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